Completions Engineering and Supervision

AVARA is fully capable to take your project through all stages:

  • Initial planning.
  • Detailed design.
  • On-site supervision and Execution. 

Avara’s experienced team deliver’s exceptional results in the area of completions projects including:

  • Horizontal Wells
  • Intelligent Completions
  • Inflow Control Devices
  • Monobore Well Solutions
  • Subsea Completion Supervision
  • Platform Completion Supervision
  • Intervension Supervision

Avara personnel have set the standard for east coast completion design including:

  • World record for the longest cased, cemented and tubing conveyed perforated completion > 1500m
  • East coast first application of single trip completion technology
  • East coast first use of intelligent multi-zone well technology
  • East coast first installation of inflow control device (ICD) completion technology
  • World record for the longest ICD completion installed in a single run
  • East coast first application of swell packer technology
  • Canada’s first utilization of Light Well Intervention (LWIV) capability

Well Test Engineering and Supervision

Avara offers:

  • Well Test Management
    • Contract administration for well testing services.
    • Selection of best in class equipment and services
  • Well Test Critical Documentation 
    • Development of Basis of Design deliverables.
    • Development of a detailed well test program.
  • Hazard/Risk Assessment
    • Avara personnel can provide safety assessments and lead hazard identification processes. 
  • Tubing Stress Analysis
    • Avara has extensive experience in tubing stress analysis, typically using Landmark’s WellCAT software.
  • Regulatory Interface
    • Avara has the knowledge base to assist in ensuring that all equipment and procedures meet the applicable regulatory and industry standards and classification requirements. 
  • System Integration Testing (SIT) - QA/QC Equipment Inspections
    • Avara can plan and supervise mock rig up and acceptance tests of surface well test equipment as well as witness drill stem test equipment readiness.
  • On-Site Well Test Supervision
    • Avara’s team can provide experienced senior well site supervision that will  adhere to our core principles of safety, quality and integrity  while ensuring  client management system requirements are met.

Production Engineering

AVARA personnel are skilled in:

  • Well Performance Evaluation
  • Evaluating inflow and outflow performance between the reservoir and the wellbore.
  • Well Sandface Design
  • Knowledge of perforating strategies and/or inflow control devices.
  • Well Architecture Design
  • Completion systems including tubing selection, component selection and intelligent well systems.
  • Artificial Lift Design
  • Understanding of artificial lift systems, including design and optimization of gas lift systems and electric submersible pumps.
  • Surface Facility Design Requirements
  • Input into the selection of equipment for surface facilities including production separation, measurement of the produced fluids and water and gas injection.

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Simulation

  • Field Development Planning
  • Model QC/Review
  • Model Conversions
  • Eclipse, CMG (IMEX, STARS), Reveal (PETEX), StreamSim (3DSL)
  • Waterflood Feasibility and Optimization
  • EOR Feasibility
  • Miscible/Immiscible Gas Injection
  • CO2 Injection
  • Thermal/Steam Injection (SAGD, CSS, Steamflood)
  • Chemical Injection (Polymer, ASP)
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Gas Storage, Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Training

Analytical Reservoir Engineering

  • Material Balance and Multi Tank Analysis
  • PVT and SCAL Data Review
  • Pressure Data Review
  • Waterflood Diagnostic Analysis
  • Analogue Pool Analysis and Comparison
  • Analytical Waterflood Optimization
  • Pattern/Well Level Optimization

Flow Control Device (FCD) Modeling

  • Economic analysis of standard completion vs FCD – proof of concept
  • FCD Selection
  • orifice vs autonomous design
  • FCD Placement/Optimization
  • Size, number, and location of devices
  • Location of isolation packers
  • History Matching of Existing FCD Installations
  • Training